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  • How to Get Engaged in Maine
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    Heather Perry

How to Get Engaged in Maine

How to Get Engaged in Maine

Jewelry is more than just a pretty object.

It holds layers upon layers of meaning.

If a friend compliments your necklace, I bet you'd respond by thanking her and sharing the story of your mother’s aunt who spent 5 years in Peru and brought back the necklace you lately inherited because she was your favorite great-aunt. And how her experiences have inspired the work you do today. Or something like that, {insert your story here}.

It’s never just a piece of jewelry. It’s a direct link to your history, your memory, and we feel that connection whenever we wear it.

In December 2016, I was privileged to create a WoodSprite Stacking Band as an engagement ring for a most wonderful couple, Kristen & Catlin. After he received the ring in the mail, Catlin texted to say that it fit perfectly in the box he made to present it to Kristen when he popped the big question. What?! Yes he did. Catlin made a box from a cedar branch and filled it with moss for the WoodSprite ring to rest upon (see photo below). How amazingly sweet!

And it gets even sweeter!

In Kristen’s words, this is the first memory their ring will hold:

“We left Orono [Maine] at 4:30am driving to Acadia and began hiking at 6am in the dark in hopes of making it to the top of Cadillac Mountain [in Acadia National Park] in time to see the sunrise. It had snowed a lot that week and was snowing all morning. We had no snowshoes, so after nearly an hour of climbing we were less than halfway, my thighs were on fire, and I was irritated that we wouldn't see the sunrise. Catlin kept assuring me that it was ok. The hike was about being on the mountain not reaching the top.

“Not being a morning person, I told him firmly that I only woke up that early to accomplish a goal which we now realized wasn't going to happen. I tried to let go of my frustration and we kept climbing. On the road at this point, he suggested we find our way back to the trail, so we set off up the hill crouching down under low-hanging limbs. I ended up on hands and knees because my legs were too tired to crouch.

“Channeling a polar bear, I climbed, grunted, and eventually laid out flat on my belly proclaiming the need for a break. He had just enough of a clearing to climb up and sit in front of me, and I sat up as he started to tell me how much he loved me. His gloves were off and one hand was in his pocket. My heart started racing! As soon as he pulled his hand from his pocket, I turned my eyes towards the sky, and said I don't know what to do! I was not ready for that moment, but how do you prepare for a surprise like that.

“I kept saying ‘what are you doing?’

“And he said, ‘I'm asking you to marry me!’

“I finally looked down at a beautiful cedar ring box he had made himself, and tucked inside laid the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, a sweet symbol of our bond, our love, and commitment to each other laying on a bed of moss, my favorite.

“I knew Heather made the ring because I had been admiring her jewelry for months, and he had noticed. Finally, the ring went on, and I nearly got frostbite with my hands out of my gloves, staring at my finger with this beautiful ring that said 'I am his fiancé!' We cried, and kissed, and enjoyed the magic of being alone on a mountain surrounded by trees and snow.

“Turns out, we would have never seen the sunrise anyway because of the heavy snowfall! We continued our climb to the top, and on the way down I stopped over and over again to take in the scene, make snow angels, and hold on to those moments as long as possible. I didn't want the day to end. It was perfect, and I love my ring so much. It is not something he could have picked up from any jewelry store. It is unique and simple, and the organic style is absolutely a perfect fit for me. 

“Thank you so much Heather, for making my perfect ring!!! I love it....*sheds some tears :)*  -Kristen”

You're welcome, Kristen, it's entirely my pleasure! xo, H

Ring box by Catlin, WoodSprite stacking band, engagement ring, Heather Perry, HPerry

Cedar ring box by Catlin 

Kristens engagement day, Cadillac Mountain, Maine, WoodSprite staking band, Heather Perry, HPerry

Snow angels by Kristen on her engagement day on Cadillac Mountain!

  • Post author
    Heather Perry

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